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Try Something New

By mollie — October 03, 2012

Completed my first official race

Up until the end of July I hadn’t run consistently ever in my life. My definition of working out before was walking around Nordsrtom or carrying around shopping bags (see blog post here)…I haven’t always been one to work out a lot, I mean running, really? Getting sweaty and sore, who likes doing that? It’s October 3 and I’ve now run about 60 miles since the end of July (thanks to the awesomeness that is the Nike+ app). I’m to the point now where I’m excited throughout the day to go home and run. Crazy how things change.

There’s nothing quite like the rewarding feeling of setting a goal and accomplishing it. On Sunday September 30, I completed my first official 5K. My first progression into preparing for the half marathon I registered for taking place at the end of November. I finished my 5K in 28:46 hitting my goal of completing the run in under 29 minutes and placed 5th out of the 17 other women in my age group.

About to cross the finish line at my 5K, thanks @grantlandram for snapping the picture.

Grant and I (without any make on on eek) post run, decked out in all Nike I might add.

My next run is a 10K this coming Saturday 10/6. I’ll be running in Women’s Health Magazine’s Run 10 FEED 10 race in Seattle.

While it might be daunting to take on a new goal and try something you’ve never done before, I encourage you to take a step out of your comfort zone a little and experience the possibilities and feelings of excitement when you accomplish a goal.

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  1. October 15, 2012 at 3:48 PM

    Such an awesomely inspiring post. When I started running in high school, I was the slowest person on my cross country team. Seriously, slowest, it was embarrassing. I sucked basically. But fast forward many years, and I've become this devoted runner-- every run feels so gratifying, like such a victory, so I could really relate to this post. Keep it up girl!

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