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Decadent Denim

By mollie — October 24, 2012

One of my blogging inspirations is my best friend Molly, we’re not only best friends because we’ve known each other for over ten year now (eek) but because she started her blog way before I did. Reading hers over time was one of the things that sparked my interest in blogging.

Molly and I were catching up the other day, talking about normal stuff, you know, boys, life, work and clothes- specifically jeans. Molly was asking me what some of my favorite jeans were which led to this blog post. I figured I’d share some of the jeans I wear all the time and can’t live without.

My advice would be that it’s important to have a little bit of if not all of the following…

1. A great pair of skinny jeans
2. Comfortable boyfriend jeans
3. A fun pair of flared jeans

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(1) Reader Comment

  1. October 24, 2012 at 4:31 PM

    very, very solid advice. It seems girls named Molly(ie) are quite fashionable. And a Mollie in the right pair of jeans? Priceless!

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